Dec 242018

What’s happening: New Board takes over their duties

  • Challenge: We don’t actually have one for this meeting.
  • Fat Quarter Drawing: Pink (inspired by the raffle ticket color)
  • Refreshments: Seems to be working well to not have anyone sign up and goodies just magically appear. Don’t mess that up! Be a part of the magic.
  • Membership is renewed this month. Bring your dues for 2019. $50 cash or check.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Show and Tell Did you get something quilty and wonderful for Christmas? Did you have time over the holidays to MAKE something quilty and wonderful? Bring it on!
  • Thomas Fire There are still a few still in the binding stage, so get those in, please.
  • $$ for the Raffle. 

Did you have a chance to go to the Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula yet? The Thomas Fire Quilt exhibit is FABULOUS.  This exhibit closes February 3, so get yourself and some friends over there.