Nov 162018

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your concern for our neighbors displaced by the Woolsey Fire in Malibu and the Camp Fire in northern CA.  The Ventura MQG will not be spearheading a quilt relief project for the survivors of this fire, but individual members will be participating in two projects (and perhaps more to come) to bring some quilty comfort to our neighbors.

Please note I have copied the following from two Instagram/Facebook postings. Please DO NOT contact Ventura MQG regarding these projects, and DO NOT send quilts for this project to us.

Information on two current projects:

…from Sewing Arts  Facebook page:


Today’s Daily Delivery….First and foremost our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the recent fires. We here at Sewing Arts would like to help those who have been affected and let them know that we as a community care and wish to help. If you would be willing to help, come to the store, pick out any precut (jelly roll or layer cake) buy it for 50% off. Then, go make a quilt top, the top must be a crib size or larger. Bring back the finished top back by December 31. We will finish the quilts (batting, backing and quilting) and donate them to the victims of the fires. You must use the precut that you purchased and we will have a stack of free patterns for inspiration.
As a thank you for your participation in this effort you can pick out ANY jelly roll or layer cake of your choice FREE when you bring the quilt top back for us to finish and donate. .

From Robert Kaufman Fabrics…

If you are not local to Southern California and want to contribute, Robert Kaufman is running a quilt drive from now through the end of the year. If you send a finished quilt (baby/throw or larger) to:
Robert Kaufman, attn: Elisabeth Hardy, 129 W. 132nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061 and include your name and address with the quilt, we will send you a thank you gift, and will make sure the quilts get into the hands of those who are affected by these fires. #quiltsforCA ,  @robertkaufmanfabrics


Georganna Hawley

Ventura MQG Communications